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Rob Stitzer

Golf Lessons

 Rob Stitzer has had over 30 years experience as a PGA Professional and has taught many individuals from the physically challenged to the touring professional. 

Rob believes in a very simple approach to teaching a complex game. Although being a method teacher to a point, he does not teach a "canned" method.  Each individual is different and must be taught the same things in a different way because of physical characteristics.

With his years of experience, he is able to find what works for the individual to help them play their best golf.

My brother Rob died on May 5th, 2021. I am leaving him on this site in respect for him and he deserves every accolade that I can give him. He was a huge part of our business and there is no way to say how much I miss him. He will be missed by everyone he touched. He was the best instructor I've ever witnessed and was passionate about making people better.

I wasn't going to give lessons and just stay with club fitting, but after giving some lessons, I found out he is working through me and I am helping people more than I ever expected. So, I will be giving lessons on a limited basis.  Call to book a lesson or if you have more questions. You can also book online. Thank you.

Rick Stitzer

Tee to Green Golf


A Tribute to Rob Stitzer

 12/25/1958 -05/05/2021

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