Tee to Green proudly introduces the ultimate fitting tool in the industry. This launch monitor is
doppler radar based and tracks the ball from when it is hit until when it lands. It is accurate to
within a foot. This monitor is used on the PGA Tour and every manufacturer uses it for R&D testing
on their equipment. This unit was a huge investment in giving us the ability to fit clubs like no other
shop in the area. There is no reason to look any further.........we're the best!  
REMEMBER....the launch
monitor is ONLY as good as the person that is fitting you.  Keep that in mind!!!
Trackman Fitting for
Driver - $60.00
Fairway wood, hybrid or wedges - $60.00
Irons - $80.00(fit) $110.00(gap fitting)
Entire Set - $150.00
We can fit your present set and tell you where your needs are, or if you are looking at a new set,
this is the ultimate way to buy. Get fit Today!!
Tee to Green uses the
Trackman Launch Monitor.

This is the ultimate fitting tool in the
industry and now allows us to fit every
club in the bag.  
This is the same monitor used by the
PGA Tour, the USGA, The R&A, and
every manufacturer for R&D, equipment
and ball testing.
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